Huawei 10000mAh Quick Charge Power Bank Black, AP08Q

Huawei 10000mAh Quick Charge Power Bank Black, AP08Q

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Key features

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Compact and Portable
  • 9 V/2 A (18 W) two-way fast charging
  • Faster charging Speed
  • USB Type-Cand and micro-USB input
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Quick charge Power Bank

HUAWEI 10000mAh Quick Charge Power Bank

  • 9 V/2 A (18 W) two-way fast charging
  • USB Type-C and micro-USB input
  • Durable lithium polymer battery with built-in safety features

Faster Charging Speed

After charging the Honor 7 for 30 minutes

  • Huawei 9V/2A quick charge power bank

    2.3 charges Huawei P9

    4 charges iPhone 6s

  • 5V/2A power bank

    1.9 charges Honor V8

    2.3 charges Samsung S7

1. If your phone does not support 9 V/2 A charging, the fast charge version will deliver a 5 V output voltage.

2. The above data is based on Huawei laboratory tests. Actual times may vary.

Faster Recharging Speed

*This quick charge power bank also recharges using Huawei's 9 V/2 A fast charging technology

Recharging time reduced by 40%

1. The above data is based on Huawei laboratory tests. Actual times may vary.

2. For optimum results, use a genuine Huawei charger and 2 A charging cable.

Premium High-Density Lithium Polymer Battery

Certified to meet US battery safety standards

Passed UL certification

Compact and Portable

Note: The wrist strap is not included with the power bank 

Packed with Safety Features

  • 1

    Overheat protection

    Automatically turns off when the battery temperature is too high.

  • 2

    Overcharge protection

    Automatically stops the charging current when the battery is fully charged.

  • 3

    Short circuit protection

    Automatically monitors the output current and turns off in the event of a short circuit.

  • 4

    Input over/under voltage protection

    Monitors input voltage and turns off when the voltage is above or below normal.

  • 5

    Input overcurrent protection

    Automatically monitors the input current and turns off when the current is too high.

  • 6

    Output overvoltage protection

    Keeps output voltage within a safe range.

  • 7

    Output overcurrent protection

    Keeps output current within a safe range.

  • 8

    Electrostatic discharge protection

    Passed electrostatic discharge tests for air discharge (up to ±10 kV) and contact discharge (up to ±6 kV).

  • 9

    Electromagnetic field protection

    Contains ferrite bead to prevent electromagnetic interference.

  • 10

    Durability tests

    Passed stringent drop, vibration, collision, and impact tests to ensure lasting durability.

  • 11

    Temperature and humidity tests

    Passed stringent temperature and humidity tests to ensure safe use in extreme conditions.

  • 12

    Salt spray test

    Subjected to a stringent salt spray test to ensure optimum corrosion resistance.

  • Weight: about 216g
  • Dimensions: 139 mm X 73.7 mm X 15.5 mm
  • Color: Black
  • Input Port: Micro-USB or Type-C
  • Output Port: USB-A
  • Output Current: 2A
  • Battery Cells: Polymer 606588 cells

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