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  • Honor 8 - EMUI 5 & Android N HiCare update

    Good news UK based Honor 8 owners, the Android N based EMUI 5 update is now available for for UK users via the HiCare app. For those who meet the requirements for the update the process should be straight forward. read more

  • Did You Know? That the Honor 6X has a Wi-Fi Bridge mode?

    Did You Know that the Honor 6X has a Wi-Fi bridge mode? Meaning that you can pickup a Wi-Fi signal and repeat/extend it. It's really easy to enable as well...... read more

  • Honor Phone Clone - The easy way to set up your new Honor

    Getting a new phone can be a tough time in your life, trying to figure out where your SMS messages have gone, figuring out how to restore saved games, wishing you had synced your contacts and calendar to Google, getting numerous passwords wrong whilst setting up every single app and service all over again and worst of all trying to decide what to do with all of those pictures. read more